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Juliane Block

I often get the question “why do you only make feminist films?”. I believe this question reveals a narrow view of art. I believe we need a more diverse artistic landscape, which means having different voices tell their stories. The mainstream cannot be just white and male, and the rest being classified as niche. 

For the longest time, I actually considered ‘female’ films boring, soapy, and not watchable. I was proud to like the cool stuff: male stories full of action and fun. In the past decade, I have come to realize that this imbalance in my identity came from the narrative I was fed as a child. I’m starting to discover films, showing the female gaze. Watching those, for the first time in my life, I feel truly understood as a human being.

I believe that my ‘tribe,’ and hence an audience for my films, are the people who want to hear these stories too. If I’m right and my audience is indeed out there, longing for more films made by female artists, this page might be something for you.

Juliane Block

Juliane made her directorial debut with the short film ‘Unsecured Loan’ in 2007 which subsequently got her accepted as a director into the 2008 Berlinale Talentcampus with Mike Figgis as her mentor.

The success of her award-winning first zero-budget feature ‘Emperor’, gave her the traction to move on to direct her second feature ‘Kinks’, which won the Best Asian Comedy Award at the Colortape Film Festival in Australia. Her 13 short films have been screened around the world and the feature ‘Trainstation’, a collaborative effort she is involved in as director, won Best Feature at the Los Angeles Diversity Festival and Best Feature at the Kansas International Film Festival in 2016, as well as the Special Jury Award at the Film Fest Kosova. Her feature ‘8 Remains’ was released theatrically in November 2018, and won the Jury Special Award during the 2019 Capital Filmmakers Festival in Berlin.

Juliane then teamed up with Wolf-Peter Arand and together with Executive Producers Malcolm Winter and Monika Gergelova they moved from zero-budget to low-budget, shooting first ‘3 Lives’, which was released in North America in August 2019, and ‘The Curse of Hobbes House’, which will be presented at Cannes 2020.

Georgie Fisher

When I was growing up I’d hardly ever seen a girl doing a cool guitar solo. It was easy for me to believe the underlying narrative that girls can’t or shouldn’t play guitar, drums or bass. Singing was okay though. Many female singers influenced me to be the singer I am today, but I can’t help but wonder, if there had been more female guitarists or bass players in the mainstream, I might not have had to struggle to overcome the narrative I was fed. Of course there were the occasional female role models in the industry that broke the stereotype, Kim Gordon and Courtney Love being the two most notable examples for me personally, but overall those role models remained on the fringes. 

I wanted and needed more female role models growing up. That’s why I believe that representation is important. People need to see those who look like them out there succeeding in order to be encouraged as young people to follow their dreams. 

Georgie Fisher

Georgie Fisher is a singer-songwriter from Sydney, who has made Berlin her home. Since 2015 she’s independently released one full length album, two EPs, and several singles, and toured extensively in Germany, alongside tours in Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Senegal, Australia, and New Zealand.

2017 saw the release of Georgie’s EP ‘The Deciduous EP’, a small collection of acoustic songs Georgie wrote while staying at her dad’s house in Orange, Australia. 

In 2018 Georgie turned her hand to production, penning the song ‘Dig Down Deep’ for the feature film 3 Lives.​ This was a departure from Georgie’s familiar style and explored a more grunge oriented sound.

​However, Georgie returned to her alternative soul roots in September 2019 when she released her new single, ‘Just Be’. The song explores the struggles of a queer woman coming out in a hostile society and is based on a true story Georgie experienced while in Slovenia. Georgie produced the video for the song herself. It was shot in cooperation with Berlin based filmmaker and writer Wolf-Peter Arand.

On the 5th of June 2020 Georgie released her new single, ‘Jackie’. While it’s a danceable upbeat tune, the lyrics deal with the difficult topic of homelessness. Infused with the spirit of the classic Motown sound, it’s an energetic song full of dedication to every person’s right to be treated with dignity and respect.